Ramon MeffertRamon

Ramon Meffert

Hi, I’m Ramon! Having recently finished my bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, I am now working on obtaining my master’s degree, focusing on Multi-Agent Systems.

Besides my studies, I work as a software engineer at Pynter and sometimes host events with Trojka Events.

Professional interests

This is a pretty flexible list of things that interest me, either academically or otherwise professionally.


I’m familiar with the following languages:

C#, Python, Javascript, Typescript, Elm, Haskell, (T-)SQL, HTML, CSS, Sass, \(\LaTeX\)

Languages I have worked in, but don’t necessarily keep up to speed with:

C, C++, Java, PHP, Common Lisp, Matlab, Prolog

Languages I am considering learning more about:

Go, Rust, A language running on the BEAM virtual machine, F#