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New! Fresh! A Blog! ✨

Hey, welcome to my blog! I’ve wanted a place where I can do some write-ups for a while now. Since I just started working on my Bachelor’s project, and I wanted to document my progress, I figured now is as good a time as ever.

So—my first (obvious) question was “what do I need to get started”? I knew I wanted something simple, so a static site generator seemed like a good place to begin. I’ve been looking at Elm, and to my delight, there already was a static site generator that (mostly) seemed to fit my needs.

Elmstatic to the rescue

Enter Elmstatic: a very basic static site generator, written entirely in Elm. It’s not much more than a scaffolding system that allows you to convert a set of Markdown files to a site structure using templates, allowing a lot of customizability if you’re willing to dive into the Elm code.

Thanks to the easy-to-read (and short!) documentation, I got it running pretty quickly[1]. While I like the overall system, there were some things I didn’t like, so I made a couple of changes:

Note that these changes were very easy to make, as the code you need to modify is very easy to read.

To style or not to style

I wanted something a bit more minimal than the style Elmstatic comes with out of the box. I recently came accross Sakura: a very minimal CSS framework. So minimal, even, that is hardly a framework: there are no classes you can use. It just relies on plain HTML and makes it look good. I added some extra styling of my own (notably the tags and the site header), but if you check the source code of this site, you will notice that there still are no classes.


As I use this site more, I plan on extending its functionality when I need to. One of the things I have already done is add support for \(\LaTeX\) using Katex. That means I’ll be able to use nicely typeset math on this blog using a syntax I already know. This’ll come in handy when talking about my BSc project, I hope. Expect lots of weird symbols and stuff, as the project is on formal logic. ;)

One of the things I might add is a page where all tags are show. Currently, there are pages for specific tags (like /tags/meta), but /tags/ does not work.

[1] This entire site took me less than a day to set up, including writing some content.