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Finished my AI bachelor's 🎉

I finished my bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence last February! Having completed my degree by handing in my bachelor’s thesis, I am now officially a bachelor of science. Neat. To celebrate (?) I decided to update this website a bit. I have added a projects page, which I intend to fill with some of the things I’m doing/have done - right now, it only has a piece about my thesis. I’ve also updated the about page a bit, mostly to reflect that I’m now working on getting my master’s degree in AI, focusing on Multi-Agent Systems.

As for the future of this blog/site/whatever it is: I think I’m going to do some smaller, more casual posts here. I originally intended to do some bigger blog posts about all kinds of things I have an opinion on, but I can’t find the time/motivation to work on them, so I hope that by keeping posts smaller and more casual I can get myself to post more often.

As a kind of motivation, here’s a short list of some things I might want to write about: